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What Is The Path of the White Rose?

Eileen Anglin and The Path of the White Rose LLC
Eileen Anglin The Path of the White Rose LLC
I teach people how to connect with the White Rose Brotherhood (or as I call them, my White Rose Spiritual Team) and create your own spiritual team to connect to the divine source of all things, create change and channel healing and wisdom for themselves and others. I also coach people to heal and elevate their own lives, so they can create their highest vision for their lives here, and therefore be a source of healing and inspiration for others. 
I always say, “the change we want to see on our planet comes from each of us healing our own stuff. My focus is to heal the Earth, one person at a time.”
The Order of The White Rose is an actual spiritual hierarchy. A group of archangels and ascended masters lead by Mother Mary with messages from the Divine for all and tools for transformation.I connect with, channel, teach, heal and paint with these holy beings. Usually, those who have agreed to come to the Earth to assist it and all beings on it, will be “awakened” by this High Order. Some of you are called upon by this Spiritual Hierarchy to do important work within this world, and will be given the White Rose as a symbol of this call in dreams, visions, meditations or continuously see it in your waking life.
This order is linked to The White Brotherhood, but seems to be the feminine aspect of it, or feminine energy, essence and workings, of it. It also involves the Blessed Mother Mary, who’s symbol is also the White Rose, her essence is directly involved with this group.
The White Rose is the symbol used for Highest Grace, Truth, Honor, Purity of Heart , and of Spirit’s healing power and love made manifest on Earth through us, all of us. The White Rose is the “Calling Card” of the Ascended Masters.
When the White Rose appears in your life in such a way, it is a message that very, very high spiritual work will be done with you and through you, and that you have been touched and blessed by the very highest of beings that work within our Universe.
“The Path of the White Rose is when one is walking this particular path, with this Ascended Soul Group. The type of work I do is hard to describe in limited earthly language, but to simplify it, it combines with both the wisdom, the love and healing of the Mother Earth and it’s energies, beings of Light, combined with the God the Creator, Mother Mary, and true essence of spirituality: love and compassion. The promise to us that it is our birthright to be one with that rose, to smell it, touch it , feel it, teach it, be it, walk it.” ~ The White Rose Spiritual Team through Eileen Anglin
©Eileen Anglin and The Path of the White Rose  LLC