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Angelic Light Ray Energy Healing and Angelic Energy Art Testimonials

"One can see the energies flowing out of the paintings. Incredible. I've never experienced anything like it."

Hello and Blessings,
I just wanted to tell you how much your painting means to me. She always
watches over me and is such an inspiration.
Many blessings,

When I look at it brings me such an intense perception of love, peace, healing, loving-strength! I can look for a long time at the painting, tirelessly, intrigued, sensing a strong intuitive desire for what it represents. I usually feel unsure of, which I tend to fear, but the painting smoothens it, blotting out the fear and refurnishing it by faith, love, wisdom, compassion. It is as though I'm looking at a totally 'cleansed' and crystal clear image of my usual self-image, without the distortion. I don't know what to say, I just remain here, staring to, communicating with the painting.
Thank you!

I have spent so many moments wondering why have I not sat and meditated with this beautiful portrait .....and the time had come this evening. A powerful moment all in the divine plan! The above obviously is what came thru..(Gloria's beautiful, inspired poetry snipped for confidentiality) and I THANK YOU - is all I can say!
May the Divine Love of God reside within you All-Ways,
Love Gloria

BEAUTIFUL, Eileen! Your artwork is truly inspiring and so connected to
Spirit! Since I hope to graduate this December with my Masters Degree, I'm thinking what a PERFECT way to celebrate and commemorate the occasion!In visiting your web site--I saw predominantly the healing colors of the sea, blues and greens. And I liked the flow and serenity. So many of your pieces already SOLD!

Thank you, Eileen, for gifting me with a rose from the Garden State. The sun is shining a bit brighter on this Kentucky home today.

And again. THANK YOU. The print is very healing, it brings a sense of
Love, Peace and Prayers,

I've just visited you site today,and the description written after the "Mother, Take Flight" painting - touched me like I've never known. I know it wasn't for me...seeing it was painted a few years ago, but as I was reading the description, I couldn't help but cry! With the situation I have at home and in my heart and head right now, it seemed quite relevant. And nothing I've seen anywhere has been as spot-on as this.
I'm not sure if this has any relevancy to anything, but I just had a need to tell you. And say thank you.
- L

Dear Eileen,
I moved over to you site and I took a look at your paintings and I
wanted to tell you how absolutely beautiful I thought they were!! I was
moved to tears by one or two. Really. I'm glad to see that they will be
prints. They are beautiful and extremely inspiring to someone who longed to be an artist as a child, and who longs to feel their connection with their angels and guides. thank you for the experience.

I'm interested in Art, so I decided to browse at the painting. My internet isn't to fast and it managed to download the writing that comes with Art first. I was reading the Angel of Strength and when the picture came up I nearly fell off my chair. She has been in my bedroom this very bedroom I'm in now. I thank you and Eileen so much because I now know that I did see an Angel before I didn't know what it was. Your very blessed.

The Path of the White Rose LLC

You can purchase my original angelic art and prints channeled from the Higher Realms.
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"Eileen channels healing to help you live your best life, the messages from your angels on how to shine your Light into the world, your relationships and your life path."

 "You heal whoever you touch, you are always so in tune and right on! Eileen
really is a star angel here on this earth to help guide and heal us. Her
gift is priceless.” ~N

 “Unbelievable! She saw the past lives around me. I now realize what is
playing out. She is amazing and I definitely recommend her and will be
talking to her again." `C

"Most beautifully & powerfully done. I felt I had been truly
blessed by this and know profound healing occurred." ~S

"This was my 5th group healing session with Eileen, and it was very
emotional and liberating. Eileen is indeed a master facilitator of the
angelic light ray healing energy! "

"Awesome!! I could feel all of my charkas being worked on -- just

"Books are great, but sooner or later you have to apply them. Having an
encouraging group and a great teacher really helped. Not only was it fun,
but I have learned more things I was always interested and am using them. "

"I realize I don't always have to seek out others for answers, they are right
here inside of me.Eileen's goal is always to empower us, not rely on her, which I found a rare thing."

"The class has opened me up to a world inside myself that I didn't know
was there. I felt "the call", as Eileen puts it, but didn't know where to go with
it . Now I do. Thank you."

"I am overwhelmed with the cognizance of an infinite wisdom available to
us all, and comforted by the blanket of companionship which will
accompany me forever.Eileen is amazing, and yet so down to earth, so humble."

"Wow. That was amazing. I almost wanted to cry- . Thank you!!!!! This was
way cool. You.. .(or "They?") were right on!

"Dear Eileen -
 Your work is EXTRAORDINARY!!!! THANK YOU, Eileen!! - For all that you DO
for God, Humanity, the Earth and All Life! And, for all that you ARE that allows this to occur!
 Much Love to you!~R"

 I must say that you have the remarkable gift of making a person feel as if
 they have known you for ages. It just seemed natural to give you a hug.
 Big hug,

 "Dear Eileen,
 Just wanted to write you a note to express my gratitude for the wonderful
 experience this afternoon.  I felt waves of energy spiral from the tip of
my head to the base of my spine. You have a wonderful presence and energy. It feels good to share
 a space on this planet with you. Love and many blessings to you, M"

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