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Artist Statement: 

My life’s work is to create art, tools and insights to empower you and elevate your life on the planet and how you experience the highest vision of it.”

The Originals and Affordable Archival Paper and high quality Giclee Prints in various sizes

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The Path of the White Rose LLC is the angelic energy art of Eileen Anglin. Her work reflects the power of transformation, healing and inspiration from our connection to Divine Source and our spiritual connection to Nature and animals.
The Path of the White Rose LLC has been lauded for spiritual energy art and is emerging as a unique and gifted talent in the art world.
Eileen is a internationally recognized intuitive energy healer and angelic channeler. She has appeared in books, TV, radio and has won awards for her work as an angel intuitive, energy  healer. Her popular column Ask an Angel Intuitive on is read world-wide.
Eileen has had no formal art training, she is entirely self taught, still learning and says the technique, style and creativity comes from Divine Spirit. Her work reflects her deep connection to the angelic realm.
A percentage of her profits go to animal and environmental charities