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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Jesus – Master of Transformational Healing

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Advice from Angel Intuitive, Eileen Smith
Reader Question:
Free Advice from Angel Intuitive, Eileen Smith
Reader Question: Our family has been going through a hard time with my son and his troubles. I pray every day for all the archangels, especially Michael and Raphael, to help heal him from depression and anxiety, and to help guide my son on the correct path of life, to make the right and wise decisions in life, make wise and good choices in life all for the good of humanity daily. I pray for his safety and for evil and negative forces to deflect from him and have the holy spirit surround my son and fill him with an inner healing light to help him become a great humanitarian and to follow in Jesus’ footsteps daily, Do the Angels hear me pray daily and do they have a message for my son?
~ Thank you, Karen
Eileen’s Response: Dear Karen, Thank you for asking your question for your son. I know as a mother you only want health and happiness for him. Today, March 1st, would have been my eldest brother Mark’s 56th birthday. Mark was an amazingly talented and good soul. He had a profound influence on my life but at the same time he suffered from depression and had other battles in his life. I thought I’d allow Mark to choose the Q&A email this week. Before I saw your email I knew Mark wanted to bring up Jesus and I knew I’d find someone who had a son who struggled with issues similar to Mark. In this way, Mark can continue to touch lives the same way he did mine.
I have been writing a series of archangel Q&A’s but Jesus, Jesus the Christ, Master Jesus, and the many other names he goes by seems to be the one coming through to answer your question this week. Still, I hesitated to write the column because he isn’t quite “an archangel.” In addition, many people, even those on a spiritual path, have yet to be reconciled with Jesus due to differences in religious theology, negative experiences with organized religion, and the many injustices carried out in his name.

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Eileen Smith is a intuitive energy reader, past life healer and the founder of The Path of the White Rose. Eileen’s down-to-earth, warm style will set you at ease and she is committed to sharing her life experience to bring the message of conscious living to all that seek it.