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"Voices joined together for a cause are like a wave that changes the shore."— Eileen Anglin

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Angel Perpetiel - Angel of Success and Movement

Thursday January 19, 2012

Free Advice from Angel Intuitive, Eileen Smith

Reader Question: I was laid off from my job about two months ago. I am 30 years old, I am stuck. I am sleeping on my parents' couch, have no car, kind of down because my mom drinks all the time and it wears on my soul. My girlfriend moved an hour away and it has been hard on both of us. But, for some reason, we keep sticking together and my prayers get answered. I want to marry her some day and miss her terribly. It hurts when I am here because of all the negative energy. I have no other place to go because of my lack of transportation. I am having faith that God will make this happen. It is just hard on me. please help.. ~Chris
Eileen's Response: Dear Chris, According to the angels, every challenge we face is an opportunity to see how we have had responsibility in creating it, and how we may be perpetuating the challenge through current actions or in-actions. Your angels would like you to examine that and take the steps needed to emerge from the place you find yourself now.

Sometimes one of the most evolved things we can do for ourselves is come to the realization that we cannot change the negative influences from others or a situation and distance ourselves from it. As my angel Alonya always says "Love and bless them from a distance." My heart is always open to those I have had to do that with, but if our lives are to intersect again, they would have to make positive changes so that I am not submerged in their revolving negativity. Tough angelic advice for tough times. Read More...