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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

About Honey Bees....

I have always said, when I retire ( I know.. I know…as if!) I will keep bees.I have always been fascinated by them and feel a deep connection. As a child, you could find me rescuing them out of pools of water before I took my swim. To this day, I have never been stung. You see, we have an understanding, the bees and I.

wrote “Honey Bees are amazing insects that have evidently distinct roles. As the climate changes and global warming hits hard honey bees are on the decline. In some places the flowers that once emerged in spring are now out in winter and the bees are missing out on vital nectar to survive.

Sukkran has covered the topic of the workings of bees in such a way that from the beginning to the end of their life cycle a full explanation covered by his depth of research has emerged as a wonderful story.”