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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Archangel Michael Speaks on Sacred Healing Cocoons

Sacred Cocoon... Denise asks about a cocoon Archangel Michael placed her in.

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Today's Question: About a year ago I had the most vivid dream about Archangel Michael. It occurred about two weeks after the passing of my sister-in-law (who I helped take care of). She had a very abusive relationship with her husband before he passed. Anyway, my dream centered around Archangel Michael telling me that when my sister-in-law passed she was "cocooned" and he proceeded to show me what looked similar to an egg shape structure. He allowed me to feel and rest inside. It was the most comforting and peaceful experience. My question: Was this something you have ever heard of? I do not think I just imagined the vivid imagery. P.S. I am a Reiki Level 2 practitioner, so I often do have vivid dreams. Thank you for any response. Denise

Eileen's Response: Dear Denise, From time to time I have seen a "cocoon" or similar structure to what you describe during my energy reading sessions. The ascended masters and archangels I work with place the client in the "cocoon" but it differs with each person or will change in different sessions with the same client. It is fascinating for me to see it. I have been told by my White Rose Spiritual Team that these "cocoons" are closely linked to what we call sacred geometry and the "vehicles of Light" this form of energy healing can produce. I asked Archangel Michael what these "cocoons" are and in channeling his response, he describes it this way:

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